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SIMON LEIGH MSc, FDAP Accredited, UKRCP Reg. Addiction Counsellor Menu

Relapse Prevention

Getting clean and sober is one thing but staying clean and sober is another!

Most addicts are able to give up their addictive substance or behaviour for a period of time with the right help. Unfortunately, a great many addicts relapse or substitute one addiction for another because they haven't been provided with sufficient education in the area of relapse prevention.

Understanding relapse and how it works is vital for anyone hoping to maintain long term recovery.

Although many people may not realize it, relapse is a process that begins well before the addict reaches for a drink, drug or compulsive behaviour.

There are many warning signs of an impending relapse which can greatly help the addict, and those around him/her, avoid the inevitable. Learning about these is therefore a fundamental part of any treatment plan.

Discovering how to identify and avoid High Risk Situations is also a major factor in maintaining long term recovery.

Simon Leigh holds a CENAPS certificate in Relapse Prevention Counselling and therefore incorporates this education into his sessions.

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