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Media Work

There are many misconceptions about the true nature of addiction which often prevent addicts from receiving the help they desperately need in order to recover.

Consequently Simon tries to dispel some of the myths and take the stigma out of addiction with the help of the media.

Below are some of the published articles he has written together with some radio interviews and phone-ins on the subject:


Addiction: The Truth Behind the Stigma
Private Healthcare UK


Drug Education in Schools
The Observer


Letter to the Editor: Drug Offenders need help, not just time behind bars
Daily Express

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Quoted in article on Caffeine Addiction
Esquire Magazine


Quoted in Article on Energy Drinks and Teenagers
Readers Digest


Interviewed on Cocaine Addiction
BBC News


Interviewed on the nature of addiction
Channel 4 News


Interview on Gambling Addiction
Capital Radio


Drugs and Addiction
The Independent Schools Magazine


Amy Winehouse isn't the Only Jewish Addict
Jewish News


Letter to the Editor: Amy Winehouse's Proposed Treatment just a "quick fix?"
The Jewish Chronicle


Interview on Hiding Addictions
BBC Radio Essex


Interview on Prescription Drugs
BBC Radio Essex


Are Sex and Eating Disorders Real Addictions?
Nicky Campbell phone-In


Eating Disorders
Jeni Barnet phone-in


Legalizing Drugs
Petrie Hosken phone-in


Compulsive Over-Eating
James O'Brien phone-in


Jeni Barnet phone-in

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